Rich Zim Women Beg for Sex on Facebook

By Harriet Fisher|
Now Daily Investigation|

A large number of Zimbabwean women have taken to Facebook and shadowy online dating services to beg for sex from much younger men, Now Daily can reveal.
Previously frowned upon as ‘sugar mummies’ or ‘jelly mammas’, the women are posting their profiles online with increasing frequency, much more purpose, confidence and apparent desperation.
And they are offering cash, jobs and unusual comforts to the targetted youngsters.
Many of the offers receive enthusiastic responses from youths desperate to escape poverty and unemployment.
Zimbabwe remains a conservative, mostly Christian society where men are traditionally discouraged from forming intimate relationships with or marrying older women. Many are now all too ready to cross that line, for money.
“I just need a young man who would not be shy to go out with an older lady,” said Tamara, posting in a notorious Facebook group called Heartbreaks and their Solutions. “Money, connections and influence are among the benefits of going out with me.”
Posting in the same group, another woman who said her name was Cynthia from Harare said she was looking for “any nice, neat, handsome and energetic young man from anywhere in Harare”.
“I am not here to hook up for money because financially I am doing very well, all thanks to God,” said Cynthia. “I just want sex unlimited from a capable young man after my busy day at the office. And I am ready to pay him very well if he does a good job.”
Yet another woman, Princess, who described herself as a succesful businesswoman said she wanted a “young and energetic man for a discreet and intimate relationship”. She said
“money, influence and comfort” were not her problems and was “ready to pay handsomely” anyone who eventually got hooked up with her.
Many of the women make it plain that although they are willing to part with money, the real deal is about sex.
“I need a young man who would not only be after my money but after my sexual gratification,” said one woman.
However, some of the dating services have been exposed as a cover for prostitution. It is illegal for men and women to exchange sex for money in Zimbabwe.
An administrator for a dummy Facebook account going under the name Chiremba Sweething did not even bother to hide the fact that this was a sex-for-money exchange.
“Who wants to do this for cash? Enjoy making love as you are paid for the services,” said Chiremba Sweething. Investigations by Now Daily found that the account is registered under the Zambian mobile number 00260977878404.
Many Zimbabwean men have responded to the offers of money for sex with scepticism. Others have linked it to satanism or accused the women of trying to spread AIDS.
Responding to one post, Brendon Rangwani said: “The serpent spirit is real and is always ready to destroy. Take heed and flee from these sexual sins and all kinds of immorality.”
Digital security experts warned against responding to the offers as they could be from criminals out to harvest sensitive information about people, including phone numbers, addresses, employment records and banking details.
“Do you think a woman who is genuinely rich, lives in Borrowdale Brooke with business interests to protect and possibly an ex-husband watching her would go begging for sex on Facebook? This is a scam and there are people making money out of it,” said a digital security expert.
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