Makandiwa’s ‘Miracles’ Fail to Materialize

By Charlene Madondo|
Now Daily Analysis|

During an event dubbed ‘Judgement Night’, attended by a bumper crowd estimated at 160 000 at the National Sports Stadium on 19 April 2014, Chitungwiza preacher Emmanuel Makandiwa made the following declaration:
“Industries will run again, I see production. You will be able to move around the city and be able to do your shopping during the night. Industries shall no longer be closing, shops selling goods in the afternoon and in the evening.”
The Zanu PF politicians present at the event were impressed. Ignatius Chombo, Simon Khaya Moyo, Faber Chidarikire, Miriam Chikukwa, Bright Matonga and Jason Machaya said a big “Amen” to the so-called prophecy.
Said Machaya: “We welcome the prophecy and it gives hope to the nation. This is what we needed at this time.”
Matonga said: “The judgement has been done. Zimbabwe is going to be revived.”
One year later, it has become obvious that Makandiwa was just pandering to the Zanu PF gallery. None of his so-called promises has materialized. In fact, the opposite of what he said is happening. At least 4 000 medium and large companies have closed down since the rigged 2013 elections, throwing up to 300 000 people out of work. Naturally, Makandiwa would not be concerned about this. He was a man on a mission to deceive the suffering masses by giving them false hope. He accomplished the mission and got his handsome payout from his Zanu PF paymasters. The numerous charges that were hanging over him, including tax fraud and allegedly using voodoo to perform the so-called miracles have apparently gone away. The Ghanaian pastors who threatened to come and expose Makandiwa’s alleged murders and use of magic have been banned by the government at the insistence of Chombo. Chombo has also ensured that the disputed land in Chitungwiza on which Makandiwa was building a church was transferred to him. The CIO which was pursuing him for possible subversion are off his back after he directed them to prevent Morgan Tsvangirai, Itai Dzamara and other disgruntled Zimbabweans from engaging in mass action.


Most Zimbabweans confuse Biblical prophecy with being able to predict the future, telling some hidden secret or performing ‘miracles’. In the context of the Bible, all these signs and wonders may or may not be related to God’s purpose. In Exodus, we are told that the magicians of Egypt matched Moses wonder for wonder, sign for sign. Yet they were using the devil’s power to deceive. In Revelation, we are told that in the last days the devil will perform incredible wonders and deceive a very large part of the population. In fact, Jesus said on the day of Judgement (not the Makandiwa type of ‘judgement’), many will say, ‘But Lord did we not perform miracles in your name?’ The Scripture says the Lord will reject such people and they will be thrown into the lake of fire. These are the magicians, fortune tellers, enchanters and diviners who use what the Bible refers to as ‘curious arts’.
The source of power of false prophets is not a mystery. The word of God talks about ‘familiar spirits’. These are the ‘demons’ that follow you everywhere. They know what you do, just like their father the devil. This is why a false prophet can tell you your mobile number, your national ID number and any number of secret things about your life. The arch-demon using some of these false prophets can also order the junior demons causing sickness in your body to leave you so that you feel healed.
All these signs and wonders don’t mean anything, in the final analysis.
True prophecy is about turning people away from their evil ways and pointing them towards the righteousness of God. True prophecy is about affirming the word of God which says, ‘Whoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.’
True prophecy is about proclaiming the word of Apostle Paul in Romans 10:9, which says, “because if you confess with your lips that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved”. And in verse 13 of the same chapter it says, “For every one who calls upon the name of the Lord shall be same.”
We do not wish to judge Makandiwa and those of his ilk. His works will judge him and the fulment of his so-called prophecies is a testament of his integrity. Otherwise, his fruits will bear testimony of his true identity. Don’t be deceived by Zanu PF agents hiding behind the gospel to confuse the masses.
Africa’s greatest problems are poverty, ignorance and religion. The religious cheats are coming up with more sophisticated ways to wreck lives, harnessing the power of satellite TV and social media to deceive. And they are smiling all the way to their Swiss banks.
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2 thoughts on “Makandiwa’s ‘Miracles’ Fail to Materialize

  1. Betina

    ana Isaiah vakaita zviporofita zvakatora mazana nemazana emakore kuzadziswa wani
    Inga bhaibheri rine zviporofita zvisati zvazadziswa up to now. Saka toti rinonyepa here kana kuti raida kufadza vanhu. Ndiani akati chiporofita chikapihwa chinofanira kuzadziswa next day or next year. Musazvonda munhu.



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