Rapist ‘Prophet’ Masocha Sentencing Postponed

By Charlie Madondo|
Now Daily|

A Scottish court on Tuesday postponed the sentencing of convicted Zimbabwean sex offender Walter Masocha to June 16.
Court officials said they needed time to get social welfare reports to assess how much of a danger the self-proclaimed ‘prophet’ posed to women and children.
Masocha, the head of the Stirling, Scotland-based Agape for All Nations Church was found to have sexually assaulted two church members, a married 33 year-old deaconess and a 15 year-old girl. The deaconess’s marriage has since broken down after Masocha kissed her intimately and groped her genitals. The matter became public after she told her husband, who showed no sympathy and accused her of having ‘demons’ in her genitals which, he claimed, Masocha was trying to remove. Masocha tried to discredit her claims by labelling her insane and calling a psychiatric team to take her into an institution.
The psychiatric unit refused to take her in, saying she was ‘normal’, and said the call was an act of public humiliation.
The girl told the court via video link that she felt violated and traumatized after Masocha shoved his hand inside her underwear, claiming to be removing ‘demons’.
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