Mnangagwa is Just Mugabe’s Bag Man Says Jonathan Moyo

By Peter Bolder|
Now Daily|

Zimbabwe’s controversial information and broadcasting minister Jonathan Moyo has shot down suggestions that vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa is next in line for the presidency if Robert Mugabe goes.
Moyo, a reported presidential aspirant himself, who has been linked to a Zanu PF faction opposed to Mnangagwa, says the vice president was appointed to ‘assist’ the ageing and ailing Mugabe (91), in power for 35 years.
Below are excerpts of Moyo’s BBC Hardtalk interview with Stephen Sackur, which aired on Monday.
Sackur (SS): Let us talk a little bit about Emmerson Mnangagwa. He is now the heir-apparent after the Joice…
Moyo (JM): That’s your view, don’t state it as fact.
SS: Well, he is the vice president of the country and that’s not my view.
JM: He is a Vice President of the country appointed by the President to assist him to implement the President’s agenda related to his pledges to the electorate…
SS: After Joice Mujuru was fired,
JM: No, no, no, I want to explain this…
SS: …was politically obliterated, Emmerson Mnangagwa by all accounts across this country is seen as a man who will be the next President.
JM: You can ask those who see him that way…
SS: Do you not see him that way?
JM: He is an appointed Vice President. The President did not appoint him so that he could succeed him. He appointed him so that he could assist him so that he could implement the policy programme of the government…I repeat, he has been appointed to assist the President.
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