‘Prophet’ Masocha Had Sex With Women While Husbands Waited Outside

By Harriet Fisher|
Now Daily|

London – Disgraced Scottish-based pastor Walter Masocha allegedly sexually abused married women from his church while their husbands waited in the next room.
According to the Scottish Daily Record, Masocha “sparked concern after regularly inviting women worshippers to private ‘surgeries’ held in his bedroom but banned their husbands from attending”.
A member of Masocha’s Agape for All Nations church said: “It caused divisions between many married couples, because he would see the wives in his bedroom and not let the husbands in. He’d gain their trust and shut out their husbands.”
Masocha was due to be sentenced by a Scottish court Tuesday on two sex charges. A six-day trial heard that he fondled the breasts of a deaconess while he was supposed to be praying for her stomarch complaint and shoved a hand down a girl’s slacks saying he wanted to remove demons attached to her vagina.
When the deaconess told her husband about Masocha groping her, the ‘brainwashed’ man said: “The prophet is seeing something in your genitals that needs to be removed, so he was removing that.”
Later, when the matter became public, the man was influenced by Masocha to divorce his wife. He later claimed she was insane and tried to have her sent to a lunatic asylum.
Witnesses said Masocha maintained a harem of married women, who could be seen lying in sleeping bags on his living room floor while waiting to be called into his infamous bedroom. The women literally worshipped him by throwing themselves at his feet and dancing for him. Masocha called the women in his church ‘Daddy’s Dancing Girls’ with him being ‘Daddy’.
(c) Now Daily 2015. All Rights Reserved.


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