Stripping Beauty Emily Kachote Leaked Her Own Naked Pictures: Claim

By Harriet Fisher|
Now Daily|

Disgraced Miss World Zimbabwe 2015 Emily Kachote leaked her own nude photographs onto the internet in order to make a statement and pull out of the pageant, a website has claimed., the US website which originally published a set of 13 Kachote naked pictures on May 5 made the claim.
“Where did these images come from?” said EveryJoe writer Connor O’Malley. “Speculation is that Emily Kachote released the footage herself. Rumor has it that she wasn’t interested in representing Zimbabwe in the beauty pageant and saw this as a quick way to get her name in the papers. Honestly, her plan is working.”
Kachote did not immediately comment. Earlier, she was quoted claiming that the photos were taken by an ex-lover when she was drunk at a party. That seemed to explain earlier cellphone images of her naked in a bath tub. However, has since published a new set of Kachote’s nude pictures that were clearly done by professionals for pornographic purposes.
It was not clear why Kachote wanted to bail out. However, sources close to the model said she was frustrated after many commenters called her ‘ugly’.
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