Uebert Angel’s Partner in Crime Ordered to Surrender Stolen Bentley

By Charlene Madondo|
Now Daily|

The High Court has ordered fugitive Uebert Angel Mudzanire’s accomplice to return a Bentley Continental swindled out of Harare businessman Ndabazinengi Shava by the self-styled ‘prophet’ after promising him miracle wealth which never came.
In a judgement seen by Now Daily Friday, High Court judge Nicholas Mathonsi ordered Phibeon Busangabanye to return the stolen car he bought from Angel for $76 000 and to stop using it until it was surrendered to Shava.
Angel slipped out of the country after the scandal broke in 2014 and is now on the police wanted list. The Spirit Embassy founder is now in hiding in the United Kingdom and has refused to return to Zimbabwe to face fraud charges.
Earlier, Harare regional magistrate Noel Mupeiwa convicted car dealer Anderson Tagara of assisting Angel to swindle Shava, who was ruled by the court to be the owner of the car.
According to court papers, Shava bought the Bentley from Tagara, who had imported it from the UK in 2012. Shava paid Tagara $230 000 for the luxury car, according to the record, but did not immediately change the registration book. Shava was then told by Angel, who was his pastor at Spirit Embassy, that if he donated the car to him, he would reap three-fold within eight months. The promised ‘miracle’ never happened and Shava demanded that the vehicle be returned to him. It was then that Shava discovered Angel had connived with Tagara to sell the car to Busangabanye since it was still registered in his name.
Tagara was fined $4 000 (or 12 months) for his part in the fraud.
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