Mugabe Ignores Dying Wife Grace

By Amelia Johnson|
Now Daily|

President Robert Mugabe has been accused of neglecting his dying wife Grace Mugabe as he gallivants around the world while she languishes in a Singaporean hospital.
The African Union and Southern African Development Community (SADC) chairman has travelled to 15 countries on official and personal business that could be delegated to juniors, sources said.
After a recent trip to Japan, Mugabe only stayed in the house with Grace for two hours, most of which time he was sleeping, before jetting off again to Namibia, Algeria and Tanzania, said the sources. Mugabe is expected to travel to Ethiopia for more AU meetings before returning to Zimbabwe. While Mugabe is enjoying the glare of unprecedented and less controversial international media coverage, Grace Mugabe’s condition has deteriorated after she failed to recover from a January operation to remove 30 centimetres of an intestine infected with colon cancer. The wound did not heal and the sources close to the first lady said it was emitting pus.
Grace Mugabe was hauled out of Zimbabwe reportedly in a coma last week and is now believed to be in Singapore.
Women’s rights groups condemned Mugabe’s alleged abuse of his sick wife by making her seek treatment in far off Dubai and Singapore.
“Mugabe ruined Zimbabwe’s health system and now his wife has to get on a jetplane even to get some aspirin. Worse, Mugabe has been ignoring her and lets aides attend to the health of his wife. Mugabe is proving to be an inattentive father and is setting a bad example for other husbands,” said gender activist Kate Nhema of Consumer Action’s women’s circle.
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