Police, Zanu PF Blamed for Chitungwiza Violence

By John Chimunhu|
Now Daily|

Police helped Zanu PF hooligans attack MDC supporters in Chitungwiza last weekend and dumped the victims in jail cells instead of arresting the perpetrators, a report says.
Heal Zimbabwe human rights NGO said on Tuesday the action reduced people’s confidence in the police ahead of upcoming by-elections and future national elections.
“Heal Zimbabwe Condemns the violence that erupted in Chitungwiza over the weekend, where Zanu PF youths working in cahoots with members of the police assaulted MDC T youths who had refused to oblige to their demands of paying $20 for illegal stands allocation,” said the NGO. “On the day in question, the Zanu PF youths who had skirmishes with the MDC T youths over the $20 issue, ran to a local police station and brought 7 policemen who helped them assault the MDC T youths. An MDC youth sustained a broken leg in the process.”
The police and Zanu PF are then said to have harassed MDC councillor Majoni and assaulted Biggie Chitengu, who was hospitalized, before attacking MDC members in St Marys.
“After the gruesome act, ironically the police arrested the victims of the assault,” Heal Zimbabwe said.
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