Kasukuwere Accused of Kidnapping, Holding Dzamara

By Amelia Johnson|
Now Daily|

An activist group with close Zanu PF ties has claimed that president Robert Mugabe’s right hand man, intelligence operative and cabinet minister Saviour Kasukuwere masterminded the abduction and disappearance of journalist and pro-democracy campaigner Itai Dzamara.
Dzamara has been missing for 18 days after calling on Mugabe (91) to leave office because of rampant corruption and economic mismanagement by his government.
The group Zimbabweans for Prosperity published what it claimed was Kasukuwere’s highly private mobile phone number, 0772 601 150, on Wednesday and asked people to call him and “ask him why he sheds blood for a living”.
In public posts on Facebook the group first gave a weekend deadline for Kasukuwere to “bring the young man back”, calling the environment minister a “shameless man”.
“Kasukuwere we now know it was you,” Zimbabweans for Prosperity said. “We will expose you and tell the nation what you did. We have names.”
In another post, the whistleblower group said: “It might take time but the price you are going to pay, Kasukuwere, is dire indeed. You can feel like a god with the power of life and death but we promise you will pay a price that can not be paid. We swear on Mbuya Nehanda, a street dog will be treated better than you. We swear by the blood in the soils of Zimbabwe, you will beg for mercy and find none.”
Dzamara was abducted by five men claiming to be police in Harare’s Glen View 7 on May 9 and has been missing ever since. A police investigation ordered by the High Court was reported stalled due to lack of co-operation from the lead investigator, Crispen Makedenge of CID law and order section.
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