Fight for General Mujuru’s Billions Spills into High Court

By Peter Bolder|
Now Daily|

The battle for control of billions of dollars belonging to the late former Zimbabwe Defence Forces commander General Solomon Mujuru has intensified, with his widow Joice Mujuru being summoned to the High Court.
Mujuru is believed to have owned billions of dollars invested through fronts across various sectors of the economy. He was also involved in looting diamonds in Marange and the DRC. He also illegally seized mines and farms at gunpoint, including River Ranch diamond mine in Beitbridge and the Beatrice farm where he was burnt to death in an arson attack blamed on hitmen allegedly hired by rival Emmerson Mnangagwa.
Master of the High Court Eldard Mutasa confirmed that Joice Mujuru had been served with papers to appear at the court on Friday so that a distributor of the estate could be appointed.
Joice Mujuru has resisted efforts to have the estate distributed since Gen Mujuru was assassinated by political rivals in 2011. She is accused of hiding the general’s will and of refusing to register Gen Mujuru’s estate within 14 days of his death as required by law.
Joice Mujuru has also resisted efforts by the Mujuru family to have his eldest daughter with another woman, Maidei, appointed executor. Instead, Joice Mujuru wants her own eldest daughter, Kumbirai appointed executor. Other members of the Mujuru family, including the late general’s elder brother Joel, wanted his eldest son with yet another woman, Tendai, appointed executor in line with traditional culture. This has been strongly resisted by Joice Mujuru, who has four daughters and no son. Joice Mujuru has also given the precondition that anyone claiming to be Gen Mujuru’s child should go for DNA tests to prove paternity. This has been rejected by Gen Mujuru’s children, who were properly registered by their father as his children before he died.
These include Tawanda Ruzambo Mujuru and Tsitsi Mujuru based in the United Kingdom and others scattered in the USA, Canada, Australia and South Africa.
Tawanda and Tsitsi wrote to the High Court demanding their share.
Lawyers Gill, Godlonton and Gerrans as well as Mambosasa have written on behalf of clients, complaining about delays by Joice Mujuru in registering the estate.
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