Gumbura Brutally Tortured

By Jessica Mundawarara|
Now Daily|

Clergyman-turned-politician, Robert Martin Gumbura has savagely been beaten at Chikurubi by Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services guards and could not stand up on Thursday, sources said.
He was being denied access to a doctor, his lawyers and family despite having festering wounds, said the source.
Gumbura was named in Parliament by vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa as the alleged mastermind of a prison escape gang that sparked a riot in which 11 inmates were shot dead or tortured to death by the guards and anti-riot police on March 13.
“They conspired to break away from prison,” Mnangagwa told MPs Wednesday. “A group of a hundred were involved involved in this conspiracy. Surprisingly also, Gumbura was chairing that conspiracy.”
Sources at Chikurubi prison said the guards started torturing Gumbura last Friday and he had fainted several times.
“As soon as the riot started, they moved Gumbura to a secure special cell and started torturing him,” said the source inside Chikurubi prison when the riot started.
Guards said the prisoners were protesting about soup, but Mnangagwa claimed it was just a blatant escape bid. He justified the killing of at least five inmates who were shot dead by the police, saying the killings had stopped some who were escaping through the kitchen.
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