Magaya Pays Chimutashu $350 000 to Cover Up Sex Scandal

By Charlie Madondo|
Now Daily|

Prophetic Healing and Deliverance sect leader Walter Magaya has paid a whopping $350 000 to Denford Chimutashu, the man whose wife he was accused of having had sex with, sources said.
Magaya settled out of court after Chimutashu’s lawyers dragged him to the High Court when he attempted to backtrack from an earlier arrangement to pay $500 000 to the husband of the woman he allegedly had a roaring affair with.
Magaya had earlier set thugs on Chimutashu, trying to make him withdraw the case and settle for less money. Chimutashu refused to budge. Instead, Chimutashu started splashing details of the alleged affair through the courts. Chimutashu said in one affidavit that Magaya had spent three days encamped with his wife at a church lodge in Harare. Later, the clergyman bought a car for his 28 year-old wife, who had a job as a hairdresser.
Magaya had rejected the claims for payment but PHD Ministries elders advised him to pay as the scandal was damaging the organisation’s reputation.
Magaya was found to have sent the woman amorous text messages.
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