Chikurubi Guards Attack Inmates, 9 Murdered After Riot

By Peter Bolder|
Now Daily|

The death toll from last Friday’s riots at Chikurubi maximum security prison has risen to 9 after Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services guards bludgeoned several more prisoners to death, Now Daily can reveal.
Officials claimed that two more prisoners died Monday in hospital. However, Now Daily sources exposed a picture of shocking abuse and cold-blooded murder as guards tortured prisoners to death, then blamed other prisoners or the ZRP support unit, which took control of the situation after the guards failed.
In semi-official statements posted on Zanu PF websites in the United Kingdom – sometimes as the torture was happening – the killer guards said long-serving prisoners were attacking and killing suspected ring leaders of the riot, accusing them of provoking the guards to worsen prison conditions for them.
MDC spokesman and former justice deputy minister Obert Gutu confirmed the reports of torture. He deplored them and said the prisoners did not deserve to be subjected to inhuman and degrading treatment even if they had committed ‘heinous crimes’ during the riot.
Prison sources said those accused of instigating the riot had been moved to their own cell, where they were being tortured continuously. Witnesses said one torture cell was filled with blood.
The MDC has called for a fully-fledged official inquiry, led by a judge.
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