Police Use Savage Violence as Zimbabwe Erupts Over Dzamara Kidnapping

By John Chimunhu|
Now Daily Analysis|

The police violence that has rocked Zimbabwe as a result of journalist-cum-political activist Itai Dzamara’s disappearance has exposed our state authorities as a band of lawless human rights violators. The violence, which started with the abduction of Dzamara by suspected state agents in his Glen View 7, Harare neighbourhood on Monday 7 March 2015 was totally uncalled for. It must be condemned in the strongest terms.
Robert Mugabe can not continue to be allowed to silence people who are expressing genuine concerns. The world should not allow him to continue using violence to suppress lawful protests to subdue an agitated population with legitimate grievances in Zimbabwe. Using teargas to disperse peaceful marchers sends a wrong message about us to the world. It leaves many confused about the state of our democracy. And since a healthy democracy is the engine of modern economic growth, the Robert Mugabe regime’s blind folly and police brutality are earning Zimbabwe a new status once again as a pariah state. The results of being isolated and shunned by investors are empty national coffers, unemployment and deepening poverty.
The abduction of Dzamara marked a low point in our status as a nation. And for the police to attempt to bar people from holding a vigil for the activist in the park that shaped his revolutionary ideas and earned him many friends is, to say the least, cynical.
To violently suppress peaceful protests is as good as pushing back an idea whose time has come. It is as futile as abducting and beating up a few opposition leaders, when the whole nation, including Mugabe’s own party, are in REVOLT.
(c) 2015 John Chimunhu. All Rights Reserved.


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