Zimbabwe a Lawless State

By John Chimunhu|
Now Daily Analysis|

When prominent journalists like Itai Dzamara are abducted by rogue state agents in broad daylight, honourable MPs and senators are stripped naked, beaten and humiliated by the police in public, then there is need for every citizen to fear. It is the fear of again falling over the precipice that should galvanise Zimbabweans and the whole world to action against the errant regime of Robert Mugabe. After all, the country has been over the edge several times and we know what it is like – political murders, violence, displacement, chronic food shortages, hospitals empty of drugs, a worthless currency, closed schools, shut factories and mounting job losses, no utilities.
It is nice to write letters to the United Nations, African Union and SADC expressing our outrage. But it is better to take more practical measures which go beyond mere petitions and demonstrations. The consequences of such direct-hit measures can be terrifying to imagine, but so is the cost of inaction.


Mugabe presides over a rogue regime that is totally out of control. The system is wrath, filthy and foul and can not stand the glare of international attention.
Following the kidnapping and suspected murder of Dzamara, a number of foreign missions have issued statements condemning what is truly a callous act. But without pressing more diplomatic and economic levers, it would be difficult for the world community to convince the Zimbabwean dictator Mugabe that what he is doing to his people is wrong and can attract penalties. He will continue to batter the opposition and pulverize the population as long as China and Russia give him the weapons to do so.
The West now has to make a choice, whether to continue to abett the Mugabe dictatorship by giving Mugabe aid, trade and diplomatic comfort through the UN, or breaking his cycle of terror by tightening the diplomatic screws around him. It could start with a global travel ban on the dictator and his acolytes and a freeze of their assets in Asia, South America and Africa.
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