Magaya Bribery Attempt Backfires

By Charlie Madondo|
Now Daily|

Self-proclaimed ‘prophet’ Walter Magaya has approached Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe president Johannes Ndanga with an offer of a bribe so he could silence members of the sect angered by the PHD Ministries founder’s recent disparaging comments about them, sources said.
Ndanga rejected the bribery attempt, leading to loud calls for Magaya’s arrest by the vocal Masowe Echishanu UK group.
In a scathing letter to Magaya, posted on their website, the influential sect with several branches in the United Kingdom, including London, Nottingham and Leeds, lambasted Magaya over his book, Marine Spirits/Mweya Yemumvura.
In the book, Magaya states that apostolic sect leaders are satanists and draw their power from devils which allegedly dwell under the sea.
Masowe Echishanu UK, however, called Magaya an “unlucky anti-Christ” who had left their sect and was trying to draw followers by attacking it. They claimed the Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries founder was paying $3 000 every month to journalists so he would not be exposed.
“Walter Magaya, why are you secrectly going to the leader of the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe Reverend Johannes Ndanga asking for forgiveness? How will the people know that you were lying in the book that you sold them? You told Rev Ndanga that you were really sorry for writing the book and you offered him money, trying to silence Vapositori who are angry over what you wrote,” Masowe Echishanu UK said in a post written in a mixture of Shona and English.
“If you want this matter to end, Madzibaba Walter, you must stop trying to bribe Rev Ndanga, to influence him to silence VaPositori who are asking why you insulted them. You also need to do a public address and publicly ask God and VaPositori to forgive you for insulting them in your book.”
Additionally, the VaPositori sect members want Magaya to withdraw copies of the book already sold and stop printing new ones. They also want him to stop broadcasting embarrassing testimonies and showing off religious garments of VaPositori sect members who would have abandoned the sect.
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