Grace Mugabe Lover Dragged to Court by Creditors

By Harry Fisher|
Now Daily|

President Robert Mugabe’s wife, Grace Mugabe’s boyfriend Gideon Gono has been sued in the High Court for more than $2 million by creditors, it emerged.
Court papers showed that Gono had a deal with ASP Marketing CC of South Africa for the supply of maize, soya beans and maize bags to his Lunar Chickens between December 2009 and July 2010.
He failed to pay by the August 2010 deadline. In 2011, Gono signed an acknowledgement of debt but paid only $140 000, leaving a $2,2 million balance, which he failed to settle, resulting in the High Court action.
Gono was also sued for $1,7 million by Oasis Motors in February for failing to pay for motor vehicles supplied to Lunar.
Gono’s once-massive business empire started to crumble in 2010 when Mugabe’s dying sister, Sabina, angrily told her brother that his wife Grace Mugabe was having an affair with the banker. Mugabe subsequently refused to renew Gono’s contract as Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor and blocked his attempts to join Zanu PF politics as a senator for Manicaland. Reports in 2014 said Grace Mugabe was still meeting Gono for sex.
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