Tocky Vibes is King of Zim Dancehall

By Charlie Madondo|
Now Daily|

Like Tupac Shakur, who broke into mainstream music singing adoration for his imperfect, jailbird mamma, Zimdancehall rocker Tocky Vibes has amassed cross-over appeal by singing about his mother.
Tocky’s anthem, Mhai, was voted song of the year at last week’s Zimdancehall awards in Harare.
At a time when Zimdancehall is grappling for a universal message beyond ghetto violence, drugs and petty jealousies, Tocky Vibes used Mhai to attract the widespread respect that turns an act into an artist.
Tocky Vibes’ sellout shows in the UK recently confirmed him as the new king of Zimdancehall.
Rival Soul Jah Love, who started 2014 on a high note apparently got bogged down in his off-stage fights with Seh Calaz over Bounty Lisa and his involvement with Grace Mugabe’s violent acts.
Tocky Vibes was voted best male artist and had the best social message.
He was rewarded for his current hit, Tocky aenda nenyika, with UK fans showering him with cash on stage.
Now, everyone is asking: who will be the next king of dancehall music?
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