I’m Still MDC-T Secretary-General Says Biti

By Peter Bolder|
Now Daily|

The MDC Renewal Team say their 21 seats in parliament are safe as Douglas Mwonzora, who wrote calling for their recall had no right to do so.
“We want to assure our supporters across the country that our seats are safe and that MDC Renewal Team will continue to execute the people’s struggle within and outside the August House,” MDC RT spokesman Jacob Mafume said on Monday.
In a new twist to the ongoing year-long leadership saga in MDC-T, Tendai Biti says he is still secretary-general of the fractured movement despite being ejected amid violence in 2014.
“We wish to make it unequivocally clear that there is only one Secretary General of the Party and that is Hon. Tendai Biti and until a legitimate congress is held only he can write to the Speaker of Parliament or any other body on MDC matters,” Mafume said.
He maintained the line that party president Morgan Tsvangirai and several top officials were suspended at Mandel training centre and later expelled from the party by a ‘legitimate tribunal’ on June 27 2014. The matter remains unresolved after Tsvangirai loyalist Thamsanqa Mahlangu and 129 others withdrew a High Court application challenging the Mandel resolutions. On November 8, 2014, speaker of parliament Jacob Mudenda ruled that he had no authority on internal disciplinary actions, disputes or differences within political parties.
“Since that ruling nothing has changed and the fact remains that the leadership of the party is under dispute. In fact, Douglas Mwonzora, the purported Secretary General of the Party has no authority to write to the Speaker of Parliament as he was also suspended and subsequently expelled from the party. He can not claim to be the Secretary General of the Party as he was elected by an illegitimate, illegal and sham congress,” said Mafume.
Mwonzora wrote to the Speaker demanding the expulsion of Biti and 20 others who rebelled against Tsvangirai accusing him of corruption and sexual immorality, which they said cost the party the 2013 election.
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