Dzamara Abducted

By Jessica Mundawarara|
Now Daily|

Occupy Africa Unity Square leader Itai Dzamara was kidnapped by unknown assailants Monday and his whereabouts remained unknown late in the day.
OAUS condemned the abduction in a statement and called for Dzamara’s immediate safe return. Dzamara has previously been abducted and brutally tortured by state agents and Zanu PF militia after calling on dictator Robert Mugabe to resign. The activist was mobilising youths to mount public protests against Mugabe’s unbridled misrule, which is blamed for ruining the country’s once-vibrant economy.
“Around 10 am this morning Mr Itai Dzamara, Chairperson of Occupy Africa Unity Square and Spokesperson of NYAA (National Youth Action Alliance) was abducted from a barber’s shop in his neighbourhood by five unknown men in a white twin cab pick-up truck,” the OAUS said. “The number plate had been partially covered but it is believed to have begun with ‘ABB 2’.”
The statement added: “All efforts are being made to locate him. We strongly condemn this action.”
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