Mujuru Family Flees Zimbabwe

By Peter Bolder|
Now Daily|

The family of sacked vice president Joice Mujuru has fled Zimbabwe as a police anti-corruption net closes in.
Authoritative sources in Zanu PF told Now Daily on Sunday that Mujuru’s eldest daughter, Nyasha, had fled to Spain with her husband, Pedro del Campo, who hails from that country.
Police sources said commissioner-general Augustine Chihuri had appointed Bothwell Mugariri and another senior detective to head a crack team of investigators probing Mujuru’s business dealings for evidence of graft.
Among the cases under review is the fate of three tonnes of gold and diamonds valued at $15 million, which del Campo failed to smuggle into Europe on behalf of Mujuru in 2008.
Civil and criminal charges have also been framed against Mujuru’s other daughters, Kuzivakwashe, Kumbirai and Chipo Makoni, who is married to Mavambo Kusile Dawn leader Simba Makoni’s son. The three women are believed to be in South Africa, where another Mujuru ally, Ray Kaukonde, is sheltering.
Chihuri’s probe is said to target heads of parastatals allegedly loyal to Mujuru. It also includes private companies such as Telecel, whose board is chaired by Mujuru relative James Makamba. Others under the spotlight include Croco Motors headed by Mujuru ally Moses Chingwena, Chicken Slice and Koala Meats.
The police obtained warrants in December to search some of the companies.
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