Mapfumo Donates ‘Danger Zone’ to Protest Piracy, Corruption in Zimbabwe

By John Chimunhu|
Now Daily|

Zimbabwe’s United States-based chimurenga/mbira music maestro Thomas Mapfumo has revealed plans to give away free copies of his latest ‘Danger Zone’ hit album in Zimbabwe, saying the project had been hijacked by pirates with high political connections.
Mapfumo said he had suffered heavy losses to the brazen music pirates who “operate in broad daylight in the streets of Harare”.
“In a corruption-riddled society where even the very trusted authorities propel such illegal activity, efforts to stop acts of piracy in Zimbabwe have become a wild goose chase,” Mapfumo said Wednesday on his website ( .
The album had its high-profile, star-studded Zimbabwe launch at the Book Cafe recently.
“It is quite a disturbing development that before I have even taken stock of my latest album sales, some cunning pirates who have friends in political high offices have hijacked my project to unlawfully collect and enjoy my revenue on my behalf,” said Mapfumo, who has been exiled for more than a decade after singing about dictator Robert Mugabe and his regime’s corruption.
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