Mugabe Turns to Mujuru-Bashing at Lavish Birthday Gala

By John Chimunhu|
Now Daily|

Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe turned festivities to mark his 91st birthday in Victoria Falls into an occassion to attack his old nemesis, ex vice president Joice Mujuru.
Evidently in campaign mood, Mugabe told an audience of mostly rural party chairpersons clad in regalia bearing his image that Mujuru tried to use juju to depose him.
“She even hired some Nigerian ritualists, who ordered her to get ten chickens, and each was named after all of us who were believed to be against them. All the chickens were slaughtered in the belief that all of us, including Amai Mugabe, would not live up to this day,” said Mugabe.
The frail-looking dictator was helped by wife Grace Mugabe to release 91 multi-coloured balloons, before lunging into his perceived enemies, including heads of parastatals whom he accused of corruption. Ironically, it was the ‘corrupt’ parastatal bosses who helped divert $1 million from state coffers towards hosting of the event at the plush Elephant Hills Hotel golf resort.
Several cakes were cut by Mugabe and Grace, including a 91 kg centre-piece, and distributed to relatives, diplomats, government officials and the rural peasants who make up the bedrock of his party.
Mugabe was entertained by the raunchy dancer Slizzer and prayed for by praise-singing reverend Andrew Wutawunashe before he addressed the crowd.
Zanu PF split into two parties after Mujuru fell out with Mugabe and several top officials were expelled from the party and government. The sacked officials say they do not recognise Mugabe’s leadership and they are setting up what they call the ‘Real Zanu PF’.
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