Arrested 34 Times, Mwonzora’s Image Gets Soiled

By Phil Tejane|
Now Daily|

Movement for Democratic Change members have begun to question the suitability of secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora for the post after it emerged that he had been arrested 34 times in cases involving dishonesty or theft of client funds and violence.
Mwonzora has been cleared of most of the charges on technicalities or for lack of evidence after some of the cases dragged on for years. He remains with two serious pending cases in which he is accused of stealing $15 000 from a client and causing violence in Manicaland.
Mwonzora ‘s superiors are unhappy that he is hamstrung by the cases, which have consumed considerable time and resources, party sources said.
The Law Society said it was interested in getting Mwonzora to explain his behaviour. Members were worried about the flurry of theft cases, amid reports that more could be on the way.
“An experienced lawyer like Mwonzora should be above reproach, moreso, the leader of a reputable opposition political party. Even if he wins these cases or blames Zanu PF, in the court of public opinion he still loses because people will always say, ‘there’s no smoke without fire’,” said a legal practitioner.
Mwonzora, a former MP for Nyanga, has accused Zanu PF of being behind his woes. However, he admitted losing business as, with every arrest on trumped up charges, some clients actually thought he was guilty.
Law Society president Vimbai Nyemba said the statutory regulatory body for lawyers was going to probe Mwonzora’s case independent of the court proceedings, following complaints.
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