CIO Bugs Tsvangirai’s Bedroom, Searching for Sex Scandals

By Harry Fisher|
Now Daily|

The Movement for Democratic Change has accused state security agents of putting listening devices in party leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s bedroom, searching for sex scandals.
This follows Monday claims by the state Herald newspaper -controlled by Zanu PF -that it had obtained secret tapes showing that Tsvangirai had clashed with his wife Elizabeth over an alleged sex scandal.
Tsvangirai’s spokesman Luke Tamborinyoka dismissed the new adultery claims in a brief statement posted on Facebook. He blasted the government of dictator Robert Mugabe for using big brother tactics against citizens.
“Even if one were to imagine that the whole story is true, is Tsvangirai, and indeed every other Zimbabwean, safe, if we now have a government that is now bugging people’s bedrooms and handing over the tapes to the State media?” Tamborinyoka said without elaborating.
He denied the Herald story which said the former prime minister’s wife had deserted him after discovering a new adultery scandal involving two women: Leah Mhundwa, his late wife Susan’s sister, and one Nobuhle from Bulawayo. The Herald story claimed Tsvangirai had spent three days romping with the said Nobuhle.
Said Tamborinyoka: “The whole story is just concocted bedroom talk splashed on the front page of a family newspaper.”
On Herald claims that Tsvangirai had not been intimate with Elizabeth since marrying her in 2012, claiming he suffered what the paper termed “erectile dysfunction”, the spokesman said: “If there is any dysfunction the Herald should be worried about, it’s the dysfunction of the country’s economy on the hands of an inept and incompetent government.”
Responding to a comment, Tamborinyoka scoffed at suggestions that the country’s most revered politician by popular vote was impotent, suggesting the problem actually affected Mugabe, who turned 91 on Saturday, not Tsvangirai.
“Impotence; MT or a 91 year-old…kikiki,” Tamborinyoka said.
Tamborinyoka blasted the state media for wasting vital resources on Tsvangirai’s personal life instead of concentrating on national issues.
“Reading the Herald, one would think that the solution to the country’s crisis is firmly located in Tsvangirai’s bedroom,” Tamborinyoka said.
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