Panicky Mnangagwa’s Family Now Lives UK

By Amelia Johnson|
Now Daily|

Vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa has begun sending his children to live in the United Kingdom as tensions in Zanu PF degenerate into violence.
Mnangagwa family sources told Now Daily exclusively that the vice president and potential successor to aged and ailing president Robert Mugabe (91) had bought a house in the opulent north London area.
“Mnangagwa’s first son Farai and others now live in the London house. His businesses in Zimbabwe, which Farai used to run, are now being taken care of by his last son, who might also be leaving soon,” said a relative who declined to be named.
Mnangagwa claims to have survived three assassination attempts in the past few months, all blamed on the rival faction led by axed former vice president Joice Mujuru. The most dramatic was a cyanide poison attack in his party office on the day of his inauguration as vice president in December. Mnangagwa’s secretary and driver were hospitalised with chronic complications after inhaling a substance thought to be cyanide, which had been sprayed in the office by unknown assailants.
Earlier, he survived a mysterious accident after a minibus rammed into his official Mercedes Benz, which he was driving alone. Later, materials thought to be associated with witchcraft were discovered at his Kwe Kwe farm.
“Ngwena himself is not afraid. That is why he can walk around the streets by himself or take a drive alone. But he fears for his family, hence the precaution of sending them to live abroad,” said the family source.
Other feuding Zanu PF chefs have been sending children to live outside Zimbabwe.
Mujuru’s first daughter, Nyasha Mujuru lives in Spain, where she is married to shadowy Spanish dealer, Del Campo. Her two other daughters fled to South Africa in December after she was stripped of the vice presidency and threatened with imprisonment for corruption.
Vocal former presidential affairs minister Didymus Mutasa’s family is believed to be in India. Mujuru ally Ray Kaukonde fled to South Africa, alleging that Mugabe agents wanted to assassinate him.
Mugabe himself, who is blacklisted by the EU, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, has a villa in Singapore, where his wife and children spend a lot of their time.
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