Mathias Mhere Admits Framing His Wife

By John Chimunhu|
Now Daily News Analysis|

The admission by gospel musician Mathias Mhere that he wrote the vulgar and explicit text messages found in his wife, Susan Dzinamarira’s phone has done a lot to damage his own reputation.
Now, even those who were fighting in his corner are not sure if this man is worth defending.
According to an interview published by state newspapers Friday, Mhere claims to have discovered his wife’s alleged sexual affair with Gift Mahlupeke on February 3. He claims to have discovered love text messages when he forcibly grabbed his wife’s mobile phone and used his secret knowledge of her password to access it.


Now, this is a problem. Phones are private and there can be no justification for a decent, loving, well-meaning husband grabbing his wife’s phone and using a password acquired illegally to access it. It is Dzinamarira’s constitutional right to receive and impart information. That right was violated when Mhere seized her phone, making her his virtual slave, who can only communicate with the people he likes, in the manner that he chooses.
Another shocking atrocity was for Mhere to take Dzinamarira’s phone and write sexually explicit messages in a desperate attempt to entrap Mahlupeke and ‘confirm’ his pre-conceived notion that he was having an affair with her. The apparent surprise in Mahlupeke’s responses suggests that this was an innocent man genuinely caught by surprise at Mhere’s wild texts. To make matters worse, Mhere then took the vulgar and explicit messages that he himself wrote to his relatives and the media, pretending that she had written them.


The third, and worst, atrocity was for Mhere to take his wife, a mother of three young children, and dump her at Mahlupeke’s house at midnight without any sensible proof of adultery, exposing her to grave danger.
Mhere appears to belong to the outmoded traditional mindset where the wife belongs to the clan and the whole village must lynch her for any alleged wrong. If he genuinely wanted to save his marriage, he would talk to her privately and not subject her to kangaroo courts, public shame and humiliation. A man who loves his wife does not rush to newspapers with juicy details of alleged offences.
Mhere is not worth saving, going by how he has handled this affair, basing drastic actions against his wife on mere suspicion. What Susan Dzinamarira needs right now is a good divorce lawyer to take this hood to the cleaners before he hurts her physically. And where are the so-called gender activists when this abused sister is going through such trauma?
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