Mathias Mhere’s Wife Susan Was ‘Always Promiscuous’

By Charlene Madondo|
Now Daily|

Mathias Mhere’s wife Susan Dzinamarira was ‘promiscuous from the start’, according to AFMZ church elders who know her, and fell pregnant before marriage in violation of church rules.
The star gospel musician only married Susan to avoid public scandal as he was a respected member of the church band together with her.
Elders and members of the AFMZ, which Mhere attended, said the marriage was shaky from the start and Susan dominated it as she was from a wealthy family and he was poor.
On Tuesday, Dzinamarira admitted to journalists that she was having an affair with Mhere’s best friend and fellow musician, Gift Mahlupeka. She denied having sex with him. However, some of her WhatsApp texts to Mahlupeka suggested the love-birds already had sex several times and she was only asking for more.
Mhere appeared confused by the whole affair and told reporters he was ‘leaving everything to God’.
However, his friends said he appeared to have taken it badly, although he pretended everything was in order. Mhere appeared with both Susan and Mahlupeka, who are members of his band, at the launch of his third album, ‘Glory to Glory’, in Harare last Friday, a day after the scandal broke. Susan was seen chatting casually with Mhere’s relatives. She was still with her husband onTuesday, contrary to earlier claims that she had fled to her parents’ home in Mutare.
Church elders, relatives and friends told Now Daily that Mhere met Susan, who is much younger than him, in Zvishavane’s Maglas township where she lived with relatives. Mhere was then working as a butcher’s assistant in Gweru.
“The relatives did not want Mhere to marry Susan as he was considered too poor,” said a church leader. “The relatives wanted Susan to marry another suitor, who was a pilot and was known to Mathias. Susan only married Mhere after her mother intervened and said she wanted her daughter to marry a born-again Christian, even though he was poor.”
The sources said Mhere could not raise the required lobola from his butchery job, so he hatched a plan to seduce her and made her pregnant. After that, Susan’s resistant relatives agreed to let her go. Pastors hastily arranged a wedding before the rest of the church knew Susan was pregnant.
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