Fireworks as Grace Mugabe Attends First Politburo

By Jessica Mundawara|
Now Daily|

President Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace Mugabe attended her first politburo meeting on Wednesday amid expectations that her presence would produce fireworks.
The first problem for the party was sitting arrangements, with party officials saying Grace Mugabe insisted on sitting next to her ailing husband, in violation of protocol. Traditionally, the Soviet-style party’s president is flanked by the two vice-presidents while the rest of the party members take their places according to their ranks. As secretary for women, Grace Mugabe would have sat at the far end of the table, away from her husband, who needs her to deal with hallucinations, dozing and other awkward behaviour induced by old age.
Deputy information secretary, Psychology Maziwisa described the meeting as ‘historic’.
“Every politburo meeting that we have is special. But today’s session is more than special, it is historic because it is Dr Grace Mugabe’s first,” Maziwisa said.
The meeting’s agenda included receiving the disciplinary committee’s report on errant former administration secretary Didymus Mutasa, who faces expulsion from the party for rebellion.
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