Thomas Mapfumo Fails to Appear for Zimbabwe Album Launch

By Phil Tejane|
Now Daily|

Thomas Mapfumo failed to travel to Zimbabwe for the launch of his much-anticipated DangerZone album on Tuesday.
The chimurenga/mbira music guru lives in self-imposed exile in the United States. He fled the country after dictator Robert Mugabe’s regime harassed him for singing about corruption and the widening gap between the rich and poor. Caught between enjoying the trappings of Mugabe’s power and being ostracized for being a vocal critic, Mapfumo, or Mukanya as his fans call him, chose to go into exile to continue firing volleys at corrupt government leaders.
Mapfumo’s Zimbabwe publicist Blessing Ivan Vava did not give reasons why Mapfumo had failed to come. However, he said Mapfumo was expected to interact live with fans, who could ask him questions from the US via skype.
Vava said the album would go on sale countrywide on Wednesday after being launched at the Book Cafe.
The launch party was expected to feature Jah Prayzah, Cynthia Mare, Victor Kunonga, Ba Shupi, Chirikure Chirikure and Raymond Majongwe.
DangerZone contains 12 tracks, including the ever-popular ‘shebeen’. Other tracks are DangerZone, Nhamo Hurombo and Hatidi Politics.
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