Government Fails to Act on Mujuru Corruption

By John Chimunhu|
Now Daily Analysis|

Since August 2004, Zimbabweans have been subjected to juicy revelations about corruption in high places. Thanks to Zanu PF faction fights, we have now been told secrets that no-one would have volunteered at any other time.
We were told by Grace Mugabe, for example, that former vice president Joice Mujuru had acquired a personal fortune of $9 billion through corruption and also owned 10 percent in every big company, seized by force.
We were also told that search warrants had been secured and the named corrupt top officials, including Mujuru, would soon be arrested.
Then nothing happened. It now turns out that Grace Mugabe’s high-sounding revelations were for the benefit of Zanu PF congress delegates and not for law-enforcement authorities to act upon. Now that Mujuru and her colleagues have been elbowed aside and are out of power, it does not seem to matter whether or not crimes were committed.


Rules only work if they are uniformly applied. In Zimbabwe, it seems there is a law for the rich and well-connected and another one for the poor and powerless. The chefs can loot the national treasury and leave it bare. All they will get are threats of jail. Nothing more. But the man who steals one chicken is jailed nine years for stock theft. It is such double standards, and brazen talk without action that have provided fertile grounds for corruption to thrive.
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