‘Favour’ Hitmaker Mhere Discovers Wife’s Sex Scandal on WhatsApp

By Charlene Madondo|
Now Daily|

Award-winning gospel musician Mathias Mhere has split from his wife of six years, Susan Dzinamarira, after finding sexually explicit WhatsApp messages on her phone, a newspaper said.
Dzinamarira, who has three children with Mhere, has fled to her parents’ home in Rusape after clashing with her husband over the messages, H-Metro reported.
The paper printed a transcript of what it said were WhatsApp ‘chats’ between Dzinamarira and the alleged lover, Gift Mahlupeka, who is Mhere’s best friend.
In the messages, Dzinamarira refers to Mahlupeka as ‘daddy’ and ‘babe’ and asks when he is coming over to have sex with her.
Most of the messages are explicit, with open references to genitals and sex acts.
In one of the texts, the conversation goes like this:
Susan: Saka uchandikwira rinhi?/When are you going to have sex with me?
Gift: Bbe kkk. Unoda rinhi?/When do you want us to do it?
Susan: Takamborara tese here gara zviya?
Gift: Kurara?
Susan: Kusvirana…if I think about that day mumota eeeey!
The chats went viral on social networks on Monday, with many Christians heaping scorn on Dzinamarira for ‘shamelessly betraying’ her pastor husband. One woman even offered to marry Mhere, claiming she was ‘loyal’.
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