Grace Mugabe’s Gushungo Farm Looted by CIO

By Jessica Mundawarara|
Now Daily|

President Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace Mugabe has flown into a rage after she was told of massive theft at her Gushungo farm in Mazowe, which houses her flagship Alpha Omega Dairy.
Intelligence sources revealed that senior officials of the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) were behind a looting scandal that forced Grace Mugabe to abandon her holiday in Singapore and head home on Sunday.
“There is pillaging at her (Grace’s) Gushungo dairy farm,” said the pressure group Zimbabweans for Prosperity, which claims to have sources among “cooks, waiters and garden boys” at Mugabe’s properties. “If she finds a cent she will be lucky; it’s feasting season, everyone is stealing big time. The CIOs are the biggest beneficiaries with the aid of the security at the gates.”
Grace Mugabe returned to Zimbabwe on Sunday after spending a record two months and a reported $20 million on a luxury holiday in Singapore. Mrs Mugabe claimed she had undergone surgery for appendicitis but this was dismissed as a lie by intelligence officials.
Grace Mugabe violently seized Gushungo farm from its white owners and has been running it like a slave yard, not paying her workers, sources said. She has personally beaten up managers accused of stealing from her. Her son Russell Goreraza runs the dairy estate, whose products are now the subject of a boycott by pro-democracy campaigners, including the Zimbabweans for Prosperity pressure group.
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