Mugabe Secretly Extends Cousin Chihuri’s Contract, Against Wife Grace’s Wishes

By Charlie Madondo|
Now Daily|

President Robert Mugabe has clandestinely extended the contract of Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) commissioner-general Augustine Chihuri for another three years, Now Daily has learnt.
Chihuri is Mugabe’s cousin but the dictator has been under pressure from his wife Grace Mugabe to fire him. This was after it emerged that Chihuri had built up a massive archive on Grace Mugabe’s alleged adultery and other scandals. She also suspects Chihuri and his officers of leaking stories about her shady dealings and fornication to the media. Grace Mugabe has been alienating her husband’s relatives and consolidating her own personal power within Zanu PF. Insiders say Grace Mugabe is angling to succeed her husband and is on a campaign to eliminate all those around him, who may know her secrets, or pose a threat to her rise. Two of Mugabe’s police bodyguards, Changara and Chademana were murdered after they told the 91 year-old despot about his 49 year-old wife’s infidelity.
Chihuri was denounced by Grace Mugabe during her nationwide rallies in 2014 and accused of teaming up with former vice president Joice Mujuru to assassinate the president’s family. In December, under pressure and facing public humiliation from Grace Mugabe, Chihuri submitted his resignation but Mugabe rejected it.
Grace Mugabe also demanded the blood of defence forces commander Constantine Chiwenga, claiming he wanted to kill her and her husband. Mugabe has avoided sacking any military generals but a whistleblower has claimed that they are targetted for murder. Questions were raised last week when the commander of 2 Brigade, Col Kutsinayo Kufa was found dead.
Chihuri is Zimbabwe’s longest serving chief cop, having been first appointed in 1994. He has turned ZRP into Africa’s third most corrupt force. The cops perpetrated genocide in 2005 under the guise of slum clearance (Operation Murambatsvina). In January, Chihuri ordered the police to defy a high court order and evict over 200 families at Manzou farm in Mazowe to make way for a game park she is setting up. Sources in Zanu PF, Mugabe’s party, said the illegal evictions were Chihuri’s way of currying favour with the irate first lady.
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