Grace Mugabe Under Media Ban

By John Chimunhu|
Now Daily News Analysis|

Yet another serious rumour has gone around about Zimbabwe’s first lady Grace Mugabe: that she was in a comma following complications after her appendix was reportedly removed by doctors in Singapore.
The report, published by UK-based websites at the weekend, has been denied officially. Not by Grace Mugabe herself, who seems to be facing a media blackout from George Charamba since her divisive rantings of 2014. Her husband, Robert Mugabe’s spindoctors said Grace Mugabe was neither in a comma nor bed-ridden as claimed.
But even if it were true that Mrs Mugabe was ill, the blame still lies with Mugabe. His actions explain why he is a corrupt dictator: he took this young woman to far off Asia, away from her relatives, and held her a virtual prisoner there.
Grace Mugabe’s tragic illness is a reflection of the vulnerability of Zimbabweans generally to the vagaries of a collapsed public health system and the costly foreign options offered the rich, the connected and the corrupt.
Grace Mugabe should have been proud, like the late Sally Hayfron Mugabe, to be treated at Parirenyatwa, Chitungwiza or Chinhoyi hospital. She does not have to cross oceans, blowing up millions of dollars, seeking procedures which can be performed by the local village nurse.
The Mugabe doctrine is based on telling the povo half-truths about what the government will do for them at election time or beating them into submission if they get in the way of the gravy train. If Mugabe can risk the lives of his own family members by letting the local health service collapse through corruption and mismanagement, it doesn’t take much imagination to tell what he would do to the rest of the population. For him and for other dictators, the cost is not so high because he has got his hands in the till.
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