Government Panics Over Workers’ Strikes

By the Editorial Board|
Now Daily Editorial|

In the last 18 months, virtually every department of the Zimbabwean government has been paralyzed by a strike or some other form of industrial action. Coupled with corruption which takes advantage of such chaos, and mismanagement, this has cost the taxpayer millions, with disastrous consequences for the whole nation.
The right of workers to withdraw their services is enshrined in the Zimbabwean constitution and various international conventions to which the country is a party. When workers feel aggrieved, shortchanged, or that the situation is not conducive for them to render good service, it is their democratic right to withdraw their labour.
In this case, they have complained of a dangerous work environment in which they are now subjected to slave conditions. That is because they are subjected to poor wages that are below the poverty line. They are expected to work without knowing when, or if, they will ever be paid. Furthermore, to poison the atmosphere, a senior official of the regime, Reserve Bank governor John Mangudya makes the reckless, irrational, unwarranted and dangerous decision that the government will not increase salaries this year because Zimbabwean civil servants are already “better paid compared to the region”. The fact is, Zimbabweans need more money to get by every day because they are working in a very unpredictable environment, where services can be withdrawn and prices go up any minute without any notice.
Instead of addressing the genuine concerns of workers by stabilising the macro-economic environment for the benefit of the workers, Mangudya and the rest of the looting gang, prefer confrontation.
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