Child Sex Scandal Brings Down Khaya Moyo

By Phil Tejane|
Now Daily Investigation|

The dramatic fall of Simon Khaya Moyo who, until recently, was senior minister for presidential affairs, Zanu PF national chairman and member of the powerful, elite Soviet-style ‘presidium’ shocked many.
At the recent Zanu PF congress, Khaya Moyo was singled out for especial humiliation by president Robert Mugabe. Once touted as a potential candidate for the vacant post of vice president, Moyo was demoted to the inferior post of party secretary for information and publicity and reduced to junior minister of economic planning. His junior, Phelekezela ‘Report’ Mphoko, the man who succeeded him as ambassador to South Africa, mysteriously became his boss.
While that happened, many put it down to Khaya Moyo’s association with the so-called Gamatox faction of Zanu PF led by sacked vice president Joice Mujuru. Indeed, Khaya Moyo was seen at mundane rallies held by Mujuru in Mt Darwin, alongside other senior faction members Webster Shamu and Rugare Gumbo. But that is not the reason Mugabe fired him so unceremoniously when he anticipated a promotion.
According to the Zanu PF mole, Zimbabweans for Prosperity (ZFP), Khaya Moyo was caught having a roaring, adulterous sexual relationship with an underage school girl. This led to the end of his marriage to Sibonokuhle Gertrude Moyo, his wife of 30 years.


In the last days of his party chairmanship, Khaya Moyo cut a forlon figure. He could be seen, sometimes, having lunch alone in the Kombahari restaurant at Rainbow Towers hotel where he lived on the state account. He had no home, having been booted out of their Selbourne, Bulawayo home by ex-wife Sibonokuhle, who now lives there with a toy boy. Pleas by Khaya Moyo for Sibonokuhle not to take a lover – in exchange for the house and a farm fell on deaf ears.
ZFP, an anonymous whistleblower site, says Khaya Moyo was brought down by his liaison with a Mbare school girl.
“In the mid to (late) nineties, this man had a beautiful sweetheart. A light skinned form two student at Queen Elizabeth high school called Sue Allen,” ZFP said on its website.
ZFP said the girl lived in the impoverished Mbare township but Khaya Moyo set her up in the Avenues, where he rented a flat for her and plied her with cash. The affair blossomed in secret but was discovered after Sue Allen stole Khaya Moyo’s brand new official Mercedes Benz and the police became involved. Later, Mugabe rescued Khaya Moyo from the wrath of Sue Allen’s parents, who were sent off to live in the UK at state expense. But, typically, Mugabe never forgave Khaya Moyo over the incident. He sent him off to South Africa as ambassador, only to recall him later to become Zanu PF chairman after John Landa Nkomo died.
“Mugabe punished Khaya Moyo by sending him to South Africa as a diplomat,” ZFP said. “But his wife was so hurt she began her own affairs with young boys and it became an addiction. She paid men for sexual favours. So when Grace Mugabe decided to fire people from Zanu PF, S K Moyo remembered his case and knowing Mugabe would bring his file out for public consumption, he went down on his knees and cried for mercy. Foolishly he thinks he will escape justice. We shall see about that Mr Paedophile.”
Khaya Moyo confirmed in his divorce application to the court that his wife Sibonokuhle was bedding another man. He said he could give her their Selbourne home and a farm on condition she did not live with her lover or marry him, according to court papers.
Recently, Khaya Moyo has reverted to his role of being Mugabe’s running dog, lashing out relentlessly at the rebellious and quarrelsome Didymus Mutasa who now opposes the dictator. But in Zanu PF’s dog-eat-dog, winner-takes-all politics he is history. Even Khaya Moyo’s former best friend, Obert Mpofu, has turned against him and was the first to oppose his bid to become vice president in December 2014.
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