‘Corrupt’ Mugabe Blows US$500 Million on Foreign Travel, Luxury Vehicles

By John Chimunhu|
Now Daily|

Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe spent half a billion dollars of scarce taxpayers’ funds globe-trotting and buying luxury vehicles in the last 18 months alone, Now Daily has learnt.
The development comes amid a massive collapse of social services and an unheralded failure by the government to pay its workers.
“Since 2013, Zanu PF has splashed US$400 million on vehicles and $100 million on foreign travel,” former minister of finance Tendai Biti told journalists. “The new elite in Zimbabwe are now cabinet ministers, senior civil servants and securocrats. No wonder Zimbabwe is ranked 163 out of 176 on the anti-corruption index and is only better than South Africa and Nigeria on the African continent.”
This ‘obscene’ expenditure contrasted sharply with the declining state of social service delivery in the impoverished country, said Biti, who is Harare East MP and secretary-general of the MDC Renewal Team.
“The present discourse in the NEW FAILURE is the collapse in social service delivery,” Biti said. “The state is no longer able to meet its normal obligations of social service delivery. Typhoid, for instance, has broken out in many cities and it is a matter of time before we have a cholera outbreak. There are no drugs in clinics and hospitals. Zimbabweans are living in squalor, with no ablution facilities. Thousands of children were turned away from schools. The state of our roads is deplorable and the country has become one huge pothole characterised by serious electricity blackouts and water shortages. All this is happening when the Zanu PF regime is imbued in the last supper mentality.”
Mugabe flies regularly to Singapore, where his family now lives and where he prefers to get medical treatment.
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