Mugabe Clashes With Wife Grace Over Lover Oppah Muchinguri

By Harriet Fisher|
Now Daily|

Grace Mugabe is not seriously ill in Singapore but refused to return to Zimbabwe last week to protest her husband’s decision to include Oppah Muchinguri’s daughter on his will, sources said.
The sensational revelations were made by whistleblower website Zimbabweans for Prosperity, which claims to have close links to the intelligence services, key cabinet ministers and the military.
“Grace Mugabe is breathing fire. She is in the Far East not because of an operation . Hell no. She refused to come back until Bob (Robert Mugabe) sorts out this issue with his ‘bitch’. There was war between Grace and Robert. The cause of the war is Oppah,” the website said.
The website said the furore had forced Muchinguri, who is higher education minister, to hurriedly announce last week that she was married to one Anthony Kashiri, in an attempt to pacify the raging Grace Mugabe. The group said being married would not stop Mugabe from having her, as he had done when she was married to Tapiwa Rushesha, who has now fled Zimbabwe after dumping her.
“So now she (Muchinguri) has to pretend she is not interested in Robert. She has to go to another man but does it change anything?” Zimbabweans for Prosperity said.
During divorce proceedings in court, Rushesha gave adultery with Mugabe as the main reason for leaving Muchinguri.
He told the court: “Mugabe often sent his bodyguards to pick up my wife for ‘meetings’ in the middle of the night.”
Zimbabweans for Prosperity heaped vitriol on Muchinguri for apparently ruining relations between the president and his wife.
“Why are you so desperate to force Matibili (Mugabe) to include your child on his will, which caused all this fight in the Far East? A fight between Grace and someone in a hospital bed,” Zimbabweans for Prosperity said.
Muchinguri allegedly claims Mugabe is the father of her daughter Tanya Rushesha.
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