Deliver Services or Deliver Resignation Letter, Manyenyeni Told

By Peter Bolder|
Now Daily|

The MDC Renewal Team (MDC RT) has deplored the ongoing invasions of Harare City Council (HCC) land and called for swift action from city mayor Bernard Manyenyeni to stop them.
Benison Ntini, the MDC RT secretary for local government, said the city council was to blame for the ‘chaos’ as it had failed to deliver affordable stands to those who needed them.
“The MDC Renewal Team has watched in disdain the land grabs currently taking place in Harare’s suburbs of Budiriro, Southlea Park and Kuwadzana 4. The process is as chaotic as it is shambolic. The invaders have not followed council procedures and have taken the country back to the chaos caused by the fast track land reform programme of 2000,” Ntini said.
He said the “land hunger” was caused by the city council’s ‘incompetence’ and failure to attend to the proper allocation of stands to deserving people on the council’s housing waiting list.
“While we dont condone those individuals illegally grabbing land, the Harare City Council must be held accountable for creating the mess Harare City is in today,” Ntini said.
The official said the city council’s failure to provide housing stands extended to other services, such as garbage collection, which had virtually collapsed.
“Service delivery has disappeared from the city agenda and has instead been replaced by corruption, chaos and bad leadership, subjecting citizens to unnecessary misery,” said Ntini, adding that the council had taken residents “back to the Stone Age where young people no longer know how tarred roads look like”.
“To the mayor of Harare, we say deliver public services or deliver your resignation letter,” Ntini said.
He called upon those grabbing land to stop and urged Harare municipality to “allocate serviced stands and to distribute them in an orderly and fair fashion at an affordable price”.
Manyenyeni could not be reached for comment.
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