Mugabe Must Be Removed

By the Editorial Board|
Now Daily Editorial|

Robert Mugabe and the nation have reached a tragic point of no return. It would seem that by leaving office, Mugabe is showing weakness. In fact, the opposite is true. By resigning now, Mugabe would show that far from being a spent force, Zanu PF is capable of renewing, reforming and reinventing itself from within.
Jonathan Moyo says the party has already reformed, that it has destroyed factionalism – which he calls ‘multiple centres of power’ – and that is enough.
That is not true. Zanu PF remains hamstrung by Mugabe’s presence at the helm. This is the reason why the former liberation party is disintegrating and that is why its collapse will not stop until the last disgruntled party member walks away.
On the advice of his power-hungry busybody, ignorant and vindictive wife Grace Mugabe – who has now run away from the fires she started – Mugabe took the wrong turn in resolving the factional problems of Zanu PF. He should have made an attempt to bring the factions together for unity of purpose.
Instead, he took sides with one faction with disastrous consquences for party and nation. The obsession with ex-president Joice Mujuru and other Zanu PF rebels in the Mugabe-controlled state media shows that she is still perceived as a threat in the party. What is evident is that Mugabe will use his now-unlimited powers to fire more ministers, service chiefs, permanent secretaries and cause more mayhem.
Whatever self-created problems Zanu PF may have should not be used to hold Zimbabwe to ransom. Zimbabwe is a rich country with many intelligent, educated, hard-working people who lack good leadership. There is no reason why we should be subjected to this poverty, desperation and premature death while dictator Mugabe and his family enjoy expensive, extended Far East holidays at huge cost to the state.
It is clear that Mugabe must be removed from office. How that is to be done is now a matter for urgent discussion among all progressive forces. Every option must be on the table. Why should it be acceptable to the United States and Britain for Saddam Hussein, Muamar Gaddafi and Bashir al Assad to be removed by force and not a killer like Mugabe. The West has used the delusion of democracy to keep Zimbabweans in bondage. Everyone is telling us to remain peaceful, but noone is telling us how we will achieve the democratic ideal in the face of state-sponsored murder, violence and destruction from Mugabe. All of us want peace, but all we get from Mugabe is violence and election rigging.
Democracy must be achieved in our lifetime but that can only be possible if this tyrant goes.
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