‘Husband Snatcher’ Oppah Muchinguri’s Adultery With Married Man Condemned

By Charlene Madondo|
Now Daily|

Revelations that higher education minister Oppah Muchinguri lived secretly with a married man for four years have sent shockwaves into the Christian community.
Sources told Now Daily that Anthony Kashiri was married with children, a fact that was known to Muchinguri when she ‘enticed’ him using money and started the affair with him.
“From all angles, this so-called marriage is just a cover for adultery – ‘kutshaya mapoto’,” said a pentecostal church leader who asked not to be named. “There is nothing like ‘customary marriage’ in the Bible. The Bible is very specific that people who divorce must not re-marry. That is why bans of marriage are announced publicly, to ensure that people like this couple can not live dangerous secret lives and double lives, pretending to be unmarried when they are married. Can you imagine what could have happened if some other brother had made gestures proposing love to her. There would have been chaos, which is why marriages must be subjected to public scrutiny.”
Investigations by Now Daily also show that Kashiri does not own any church, as claimed by the state media.
Women’s rights campaigners blasted the former women’s affairs minister for being a ‘husband-snatcher’.
“This is appalling. How can the minister of women’s issues be caught snatching husbands?” said Kate Matema, programme director at Hope, a women’s sanctuary, who has met Muchinguri.
Muchinguri has also been exposed as a secret lover of dictator Robert Mugabe, with whom she allegedly has a daughter, Tanya Rushesha. During the divorce trial, Muchinguri’s ex-husband , Tapiwa Rushesha stated that she was carrying on the affair with Mugabe, who often called her out for sex in the middle of the night under the guise of party and government meetings.
Muchinguri clashed recently with first lady Grace Mugabe after demanding that Tanya Rushesha be inserted into Mugabe’s will, according to sources close to developments.
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