Biti/Mangoma Clash Dismissed

By Peter Bolder|
Now Daily|

The MDC Renewal Team (MDC-RT) has rejected claims that its founders Tendai Biti and Elton Mangoma are engaged in a dirty fight for control of the party.
The party’s spokesman, Jacob Mafume said there was no infighting or smear campaigns between the Biti and Mangoma camps as reported by the Daily News on Wednesday.
“The MDC Renewal Team would like to dismiss the article in today (Wednesday)’s Daily News, which inaccurately reported that there are strong fissures between the Secretary General Tendai Biti and Treasurer General Elton Mangoma over the position of the president ahead of its congress and the formation of the United MDC,” Mafume said.
He said Biti and Mangoma were part of the MDC leadership that met at Mandel training centre in April 2014 and resolved to “build a formidable team that will tackle the crises facing the people of Zimbabwe”.
“As the MDC Renewal Team we do not believe in the big man politics and our leaders work as a team and all positions are equally important to all. As a matter of fact, the MDC Renewal Team only last week held its crucial national strategic meeting in Harare, where we resolved to tackle the challenges facing the people of Zimbabwe and to continue with our programme of negotiating with other democrats in Zimbabwe with the idea of forming a grand coalition of progressive forces and create a united front to end the dictatorship of Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF. It is, therefore, unfounded and malicious for the Daily News, as per its tradition, to suggest that there is a tussle in the MDC Renewal Team for the presidency when the space for such contestation is not available,” Mafume said.
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