Harare Mayor Manyenyeni Under Fire

By Peter Bolder|
Now Daily|

Harare mayor Bernard Manyenyeni must resign because he has failed to provide ‘sound leadership’ to resolve the city’s myriad problems, the MDC Renewal Team (MDC-RT) fronted by Tendai Biti has said.
The MDC-RT’s demand was triggered by Manyenyeni’s admission Tuesday that he had failed to stop Harare City Council from going on a “lavish spending spree” for the council-sponsored Harare City football club, of which the mayor is patron.
“It is clear from his statements that Manyenyeni is admitting that he is not in charge and he is only hanging on to the job in order to enjoy the perks that are awarded to senior local council officials at the expense of better and improved service delivery,” MDC-RT spokesman Jacob Mafume said. “Potholes, uncollected garbage, serious water cuts, absence of street lights and flooding have become the order of the day, yet senior council managers are receiving huge salaries while general workers languish in poverty.”
Mafume said Manyenyeni had given a number of “reasons and excuses” on why he was failing to run the city, including insubordination by council employees and interference by local government minister and Zanu PF administration secretary Ignatius Chombo.
“While we appreciate the fact that Chombo has been meddling in local government affairs as part of his corruption and patronage network building, which we condemn in the strongest terms, we urge the mayor to do the right thing and resign if he is failing to exercise his authority,” said Mafume.
He added: “As a pro-poor party, the MDC Renewal Team believes that the Harare City Council has failed residents and ratepayers who are struggling to make ends meet and Manyenyeni must take full responsibility for the mess we are in.”
Comment could not be obtained from Manyenyeni.
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