Magaya’s False AIDS Healing Claims Backfire as Woman Dies

By Charlie Madondo|
Now Daily Investigation|

A Harare family is taking legal action against Walter Magaya, leader of the Prophetic Healing and Deliverance sect after he falsely claimed to have healed a woman of AIDS, Now Daily can exclusively reveal.
The woman, Dudu Sibanda of Avondale died in South Africa recently after her condition rapidly deteriorated after she stopped taking anti-viral drugs (ARVs) on Magaya’s advice.
Sibanda’s mother, Noreen Sibanda said she wanted Magaya prosecuted for making false claims that he could cure AIDS and other chronic illnesses, forcing sick people to quit medication and die early.
“I dont know what Magaya gets by telling these lies. There is no cure for AIDS anywhere and he knows that, yet he has the guts to go on television claiming he can cure it. These lies must stop because they are killing people,” Sibanda said.
Her planned action has received backing and funding from South Africa-based activist group ActionAIDS, which provided emmergency care and financial support to Dudu when her condition worsened after she stopped taking ARVs.
“Dudu should not have died,” said ActionAIDS programme director for southern Africa, Jenny Smith. “She died because someone with no medical experience gave her wrong advice. There are many others like her who are dying because they have been lied to by Magaya and other so-called prophets. These people get paid for lying like this, which is puzzling.”
Added Smith: “We are filing papers in the high court seeking an order compelling Magaya and other bogus prophets to stop making false healing claims. There are so many people in Zimbabwe claiming to have supernatural healing powers. We are lobbying parliament to make a law banning people who are not medically-trained from giving any medical advice or making healing claims. Right now, if you go around the country you’ll find so many people making the same claims. We want this to stop.”
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7 thoughts on “Magaya’s False AIDS Healing Claims Backfire as Woman Dies

  1. Noreta

    am sorry for the sad news. but kindly note that prophet Magaya does not heal any sickness and can not cure AIDS. Rather it is Jesus Christ who cures and is the solution to every disease. Every sick patient is encouraged to follow advise from their medical practioners till they are tested negative and when these medical practioners tell the to stop taking medics.


  2. Esnath

    hey pple stop accusing a man of God you pple are totaly wrong coz some of you are coming with the medical reports claiming that the doctor says no more H.I.V and AIDS that you have been healed not prophet Magaya its not him please do not touch the annointed ones if not believing in wat God is doing in his life guys be quite find something to do than kutaura kwamusina kuswera


  3. matthew

    Not even one day that i have heard prophet Magaya telling his congregants to stop taking medication,but i think its one’s personal decision and there is no need to blame the prophet..There is nothing like false healing in PHD ministries because Jesus Christ is the healer and there is no sickness that Jesus christ cannot heal…. prophet Magaya is only a vessel that God is using to deliver people.So there is no doubt Jesus Christ heals but doctors treat ..


  4. Favour

    U are misguided. Prophet Magaya never advise people to stop taking medication. On the contrary he encourages people to be tested and stresses that they should not stop taking medication.


  5. natalia kays

    I have never heard prophet Magaya telling anyone to sto9 taking medication even if he knows they are healed. I have my aunt who had hiv when she was prayed for she ddnt stop taking drugs up until she was tested again and found out that she was negative


  6. Johnso

    I’m deeply saddened by the passing on of this woman in South Africa. First and foremost Prophet Magaya is not a fake prophet, secondly to make those serious allegations that he advised the deceased to stop her ARVs is not only preposterous but ridiculous. It is a well known fact that prophet Magaya encourages all congregants to stick or to follow advise of their medical practitioners at times. This is well documented and I believe you can actually grab a copy of any one of his videos for you to see. This organization that is organizing to sue Magaya in court will WIN !!



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