Grace Mugabe Caught Having Sex With Patrick Zhuwao

By Harry Fisher|
Now Daily|

Grace Mugabe is having a roaring sexual affair with president Robert Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao to cover up her sexual misdemeanors with other men, authoritative sources have disclosed.
Intelligence operatives and a friend of Grace Mugabe spilled the beans as tension rises in the Mugabe family following claims by a Malawian ‘prophet’ that the nearly 91 year-old president would die this year. The government has dismissed the claims. However, a panicked Grace Mugabe is now desperately trying to secure a future without her husband. She has roped in the dictator’s nephew to protect herself from the reported wrath of the Mugabe clan, which has been critical of her alleged adulterous affairs. Mugabe’s late sister and Zhuwao’s mother Sabina openly told her brother about Grace Mugabe’s illicit affair with ex-Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono. An angry Sabina Mugabe told her brother that his wife was going to have the whole family killed to cover her tracks. After that, the shrewd Grace Mugabe is said to have scuttled family investigations into the affair by offering Zhuwao sex and money, which he could not resist.
According to documents shown to us, intelligence operatives have now written to Mugabe through online platforms warning him that his life was in danger. Some of the operatives
have claimed that they have information that Grace Mugabe was working with her husband’s doctor to have him killed through poison.
Zhuwao is one of the Mugabe relatives pushing clandestine plans to make Grace Mugabe succeed the ailing Mugabe as president of Zimbabwe.
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