Soldier Accused of Plotting Against Mugabe Brutally Murdered

By Amelia Johnson|
Now Daily|

Details are emerging of how former senior Airforce of Zimbabwe officer Jimson Ngwenya met his violent death at the hands of Central Intelligence Organisation killers who accused him of being part of a plot to unseat Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe.
Ngwenya’s former colleagues told Now Daily confidentially that the former officer was murdered by killers who are now known. His dismembered body was later found in a bush.
“Ngwenya had told several people that he was living in fear after receiving reports that he was under surveillance by the CIO. Some unknown people had visited him and questioned him about his links to high-ranking Ndebele army officers,” the source said.
One of the officers Ngwenya was accused of associating with, brigadier-general Gunda, also turned up dead, murdered by the CIO and dumped on railway tracks to make it appear like a train accident.
Ngwenya had left the air force in frustration over lack of meaningful promotion for Ndebele officers like himself.
He joined Innscor as a security officer and set up a private trading business under the name Gwembabvu.
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