Terror as Grace Mugabe Evicts 200 Families

By Peter Bolder|
Now Daily|

President Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace Mugabe on Wednesday ordered the eviction of 200 families from a farm in Mazowe in violation of a High Court order.
A lawyer for the evicted farmers, David Hofisi of Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights said he and others were working to stop the evictions as they were illegal.
In 2013, the High Court ordered Grace Mugabe to stop evicting the farmers until they were given alternative accommodation.
On Wednesday morning, however, heavily armed riot police and intelligence operatives descended on Arnold Farm, also known as Manzou in Mazowe, and tore down huts and shacks as the owners watched. Those who fled the police had their huts broken into and their belongings thrown outside before their shelters were destroyed.
The evicted farmers were dumped by the roadside.
Grace Mugabe, who grabbed vast farmland without compensation in the rich Mazowe valley, said she wanted to turn Manzou farm into a game park. Three hundred other families were brutally evicted last year.
The evicted people settled on the farm after chasing away the white owners during the chaotic Zanu PF land grab instigated by war veterans.
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