Grace Mugabe Must Go for DNA Tests Over ‘Pamire’s Children: Witness

By Harry Fisher|
Now Daily|

Grace Mugabe must go for DNA tests to prove the paternity of her three children amid claims that slain businessman Peter Pamire is their real father, her former friend says in a new film.
President Robert Mugabe surprised his countrymen when he announced that he had had children with his former secretary, Grace Marufu. Mugabe’s late wife Sally Hayfron had told journalists that she could not have children with her husband because his testicles had been removed by Rhodesian forces during torture. The president never disputed Sally’s statement in public.
The new documentary, ‘Mugabe’s Eight Cents Option’ throws new light on the sex and murder scandal that continues to haunt Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace years after it took place. The film details several political murders allegedly ordered or masterminded by Mugabe, from the death of Zanla commander general Josiah Tongogara to Joshua Nkomo and lesser known characters like Pamire.
“Eight cents is the price of a bullet. Thats how cheap life is to Mugabe when it comes down to it,” the film’s producer, Peter Bolder of Kingdom Television Africa told Now Daily.
A friend of Grace Mugabe interviewed in the film insisted that the first lady had told her that Pamire was the father of at least her two sons.
“For your own information, Robert Mugabe Junior’s middle name is Peter. Why? Have you ever wondered why Robert Peter and Bellarmine Chatunga bear such a striking resemblance to Pamire or to his other children? They went to St Michael’s school together and they were friends. The truth is, Grace Mugabe committed adultery with Pamire. I dare her to go for DNA tests to prove who Robert Peter Mugabe Junior and Bellarmine Chatunga Mugabe’s real father is,” said the witness, an ex-government employee and former mistress of a cabinet minister, who fled to UK when relations with her married lover’s wife soured dangerously. The film shows that Grace Mugabe made frantic efforts to save Pamire’s life before he was shot by a sniper allegedly hired by Mugabe.
The new film reveals that after some persuasion, Mugabe offered Pamire the chance to leave Zimbabwe with his family and go and settle in whichever country he chose. Mugabe suggested Greece and told Pamire he already had a house there. Pamire was obstinate and did not take up this offer, resulting in his death.
Other men associated sexually with Grace Mugabe have survived by leaving the country. These include her ex-husband, Stanley Goreraza, said to be in India and Telecel Zimbabwe co-founder James Makamba, now in the UK.
Theories swirl about who shot Peter Pamire as he drove to his Borrowdale house from Harare airport on a Sunday night in 1996. Some have claimed it was a rival drug gang after a consignment of drugs that he had allegedly brought from Johannesburg, which then went missing.
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